A Complete Grant Proposal Preparation Service

I am a non-dilutive funding consultant and a grant writer based in beautiful Denver, Colorado. My mission is to help small businesses and non-profit organizations obtain grant funding for their pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech R&D projects to facilitate the translation of scientific discoveries and technological innovations into new therapeutic, diagnostic, and research products. 

I work with clients across the US to find funding opportunities that fit their projects as well as larger organizational goals, and develop winning grant proposals I submit on their behalf. Thanks to my experience in academic biomedical research and scientific writing, I can produce highly competitive proposals based on true understanding of a client's technology. Therefore, my clients are free to decide their level of involvement and can confidently take a hands-off approach to focus on their work. To discuss non-dilutive funding options for your project, please contact me using the link below.

Slawomir "Slavek" Sloniowski, Ph.D.    

Non-dilutive Funding Strategy:
Each Funding Strategy is tailored specifically to the client organization and the project seeking non-dilutive sources of funding. Federal, state, and private funding opportunities in forms of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements that are relevant to the project are identified, and an optimal strategy is developed according to the goals of the client.

Grant Proposals:
Proposals are expertly crafted to maximize their potential for winning funding, in accordance with the mission and the requirements of the grant-making organization. The client's case for funding is presented in the most persuasive and attractive manner possible.

Grant Applications:
Applications and all associated documents including project budgets are generated and submitted in full compliance with pertinent regulations. A top-quality application package highlights the client's competitiveness as an applicant.